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Wanted to see if I had grasped the complexity of the attack sequence for aircraft.

Aircraft attack sequence
Attacking aircraft are formed into a group of no more than 8 flights including escorting fighters.
Attacking aircraft select targets.
Intercepting fighters are assigned to bombers, up to 2 interceptors per flight.
Escorting fighters are assigned to interceptors, up to 2 escorts per flight.
Escort vs. interceptor dogfights are resolved.
Winning escorts may engage any, hitherto, unengaged interceptors.
Escort vs. interceptor dogfights are resolved. Escorts must now break off.
Remaining interceptors may now engage initial targets.
Dogfights are resolved.
Any interceptor that has only fought one dogfight, may engage another flight.
Dogfights are resolved. Interceptors must now break off.
AA fire is resolved. Here I am a little confused. On page 22 the target score is given as 5, yet only the actual 5’s rolled are deemed as hits, surely the 6’s would be hits too.
Any remaining bombers resolve attacks on their targets. Are escorting fighters allowed to strafe targets if there were no interceptors?
After the attack all interceptors and escorts that fought at least 1 dogfight must return to base as well as all bombers that actually engaged a target. Any remaining bombers may stay and attack again next turn.

Is that correct?

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