Version 1.4 is here

It's here! All files are available in the download section.

It has taken a while. While browsing the site, I came upon the links to the Beasts of War articles from last year. That was the point at which I seriously started working on version 1.4. Now, somewhat more than a year later, it is finally here. It has taken more time than I thought, but considering all the changes and improvements this could just as well have been Naval War 2.0. Changes have been countless and somewhere during the process I lost track of them. So I’ll give you guys a rundown on all the major changes, but be sure to work through the new rules to find them all.

Main changes:

Fleet Builder excel workbook

- We have a Fleet-Builder! I’ve added an Excel 2003-based fleet builder to help in list-building and to reduce print-costs. It is fairly basic so it will work on every excel version, but it offers the ability of quick list-building and enables you to print decent sized fleets on just one or two pages. This is an addition to the regular data-cards, not a replacement.

Fleet types

- 1.4 sees the introduction of fleet types. Each fleet list is now given a specific fleet type: Battlefleet, Support fleet, Carrier fleet or Convoy. This allows more tailored fleet lists and allows the scenario generator (see below) to match each combination of opposed fleet types to a historically plausible scenario encounter.

- Some fleet lists and OOB’s have been reshuffled a bit to be more suited for the target scenario's.


- The entire scenario section has been reworked to provide for more historically plausible scenarios for the given fleet types. A scenario matrix will be provided to match up the different fleet types with their corresponding selections of scenarios. This will cause surface fleets to get a different type of scenario when facing each other than carrier fleets for instance.

Command stations

- All orders except the basic activation orders now require a base 2+ to execute. This keeps a bit of tension even if the opponent has run out of disruption tokens. It also gives more disruption possibilities since you now only need to add 2 tokens to degrade the roll to 4+ (still the max)

- Most command stations have seen some changes. For instance: the British fleet special action now requires an order token instead of disruption tokens and I’ve exchanged one of the French torpedo abilities which made their torpedoes a bit OP (they can now increase the range a bit instead of increasing the DMG or ROF. This is more historical since the French torpedoes had a substantial larger range than their Italian counterparts). The rest is mainly balance changes and the cleaning up of texts.

- Different command stations for different fleets. In line with the fleet type changes, the US, Japanese and British carrier fleets now have access to command stations that are tailored a bit more towards their role.

- Restyled the command stations to make room for the placement of the order-token pool and the disruption-token pool. Furthermore added a subtle color coding to distinguish between the different types of advanced orders.

Air rules

- The AA system has been reworked, as well as some changes to air attacks. Main change is that AA-dice have increased as well as the target scores, balancing each other out but granting me way more playroom for the AA values of different ships. Secondly, the way dual purpose weapons are modeled have been changed. The main AA values will now represent the small-caliber AA weapons on the ship while the dual purpose guns provide a lot of additional dice when present. The DP AA values are now shown in the ‘weapon special rules’ column to make sure all AA info is in the same place. Result of the changes are a more dynamic air phase and much more historical accurate values for AA.

- Air combat has been changed to use the dodge value to determine the save of a flight, instead of the double = kill rule

General changes

- Clarified the use of the term weapon system and its use in the game

- Changed the damage rule for carriers. Adding +1 damage for 'accurate' weapons and plunging fire has been changed to giving 'accurate' weapons a better target score vs carriers. This change is because of the changes to the scenario's, pitting carrier fleets against each other in a different, more historical way. The damage increase proved to be very unbalancing in these matchups.

- Loads of tweaks to ship stats as I’ve gotten access to better data about a lot of weapons, aircraft and ships.

- The term AP (armor penetration) has been changed to Pwr (Power). This has been done to streamline this stat over the different weapon systems. For surface weapons, it interacts with the armor value. For AA and air combat, it interacts with the Dodge value. This remedies the situation that resulted in the Dmg stat being used for AA to interact with the dodge rating while in surface combat the Dmg stat acts as a multiplier.

- Increased the power rating of bombs from 9 to 10

- New design of datacards for ships/planes/officers. They are all styled the same way now. Officer cards are now included in the datacard files.

As always, improvements, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome! I hope you will all enjoy the new version. Please share your experiences and battlereports on the forum.