Leander-class Light Cruiser

Leander-class Light Cruiser


Model depicted: Leander class - Mongoose Publishing
Scale: 1/1800

Ships in class: HMS Leander, HMS Orion, HMS Achilles, HMS Ajax, HMS Neptune

The Leander class was influenced by the York-class heavy cruiser, and was an attempt to better provide for the role of commerce protection. The 7,000-7,200 ton Leanders were armed with eight BL 6 inch Mk XXIII naval guns in twin turrets, two forward and two aft. Their secondary armament consisted of four high angle QF 4 inch Mk V naval guns, which were later replaced by twin mountings for eight guns (the later high angle QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval gun). Their close range anti-aircraft weaponry consisted of twelve 0.5-inch (13 mm) Vickers machine guns in three quadruple mounts. They also shipped a bank of four 21-inch (530 mm) torpedo tubes on each beam and provision was made in the design for carriage of two catapult-launched Fairey Seafox aircraft.

Speed was 32 knots (59 km/h), and 845 tons of armour was provided. During trials in December 1932 Leander made 32.45 knots (60 km/h) with 72,430 shp (54,000 kW) at 7265 tons displacement and 31.4 knots (58 km/h) with 73,140 shp (54,500 kW) at 9010 tons deep displacement.


  • Leander-class Light Cruiser