Arethusa-class Light Cruiser

Arethusa-class Light Cruiser


Model depicted: Shapeways C.O.B. Constructs and Miniatures - HMS Penelope
Scale: 1/1800

Ships in class: HMS Arethusa, HMS Aurora, HMS Galatea, HMS Penelope

The Arethusas were a smaller version of the Amphion group of the earlier Leander class, having the unit machinery layout and two funnels of the former. The design was judged to be the minimum required for a "trade route cruiser" to counter the threat of the auxiliary cruiser over which, even with their reduced armament, they would enjoy a comfortable superiority. They were also to be capable of acting as a fleet cruiser (which was fortunate because, in the end, they were used almost exclusively with the fleet).


  • Arethusa-class Light Cruiser