Suffren-class Heavy Cruiser


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Ships in class: Suffren, Colbert, Foch, Dupleix

Built under 1925-1928 programs, the Suffrens presented a development of the previous class with strengthened protection, differed by exclusively good seagoing capacities. All four cruisers differed among themselves. Suffren and Colbert had two coal-burning boilers and their engine rooms and aft boiler rooms protection was strengthened by 2m-wide bunkers.

The Last three ships of class had an internal armored belt and, accordingly, lost a longitudinal armored bulkhead. Armor weight for Suffren was 951t, for Colbert and Foch 1374t, and for Dupleix 1533t. They carried a lighter torpedo armament in a tradeoff for strengthened protection. Colbert, Foch and Dupleix had only two triple TTs instead of four on Suffren.


  • Suffren-class Heavy Cruiser