Mogador-class Contre-Torpilleur


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Ships in class: Mogador, Volta

An evolution of the Le Fantasque-class Contre-Torpilleur, the Mogadors would be the pinnacle of French Contre-Torpilleur design. Armed with four twin-mounted 138mm guns in addition to the sizeable torpedo complement, the Mogadors approached a light cruiser in terms of firepower. The ships were also rated at 39 knots, but they lacked the endurance of a true cruiser. Like the Le Fantasques, they were capable of laying mines. However, the ships were not without problems. Inadequate electrical generators translated into slow turret traverse speeds and problems with the design of the ammunition feeds meant that the fire rate was much closer to that of the Le Fantasque. Two vessels, Mogador and Volta, were completed, with four improved versions planned. The surrender of France in June 1940 brought these plans to and end. Both Mogador and Volta were assigned to the Force de Raid, and participated in the hunt for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.


  • Mogador-class Contre-Torpilleur