Kamikaze-class Destroyer

Kamikaze-class Destroyer


Model depicted: -
Scale: -

Ships in class: 9

KanjiNameBuilderLaid downLaunchedCompletedFate
神風 Kamikaze Mitsubishi-Nagasaki, Japan 1921-12-15 1922-09-25 1922-12-19 Demilitarized repatriation ship 1945-12-01; grounded Omaezaki 1946-06-07; stricken 1946-06-26
朝風 Asakaze Mitsubishi-Nagasaki, Japan 1922-02-16 1922-12-08 1923-06-16 Torpedoed west of Luzon [16.06N, 119.44E] 1944-08-23; stricken 1944-10-10
春風 Harukaze Maizuru Naval Arsenal, Japan 1922-05-16 1922-12-18 1923-05-31 Surrendered to USN 1945-11-10; scrapped 1947
松風 Matsukaze Maizuru Naval Arsenal, Japan 1922-12-02 1923-10-30 1924-04-05 Torpedoed NW Chichijima [26.59N, 143.13E] 1944-06-09; stricken 1944-08-10
旗風 Hatakaze Maizuru Naval Arsenal, Japan 1923-07-03 1924-03-15 1924-08-30 Air attack off Takao [22.37N, 120.15E] 1945-01-15; stricken 1945-03-10
追風 Oite Uraga Dock Company, Japan 1923-03-16 1924-11-27 1925-10-30 Air attack at Truk [07.40N, 151.45E] 1944-02-18; stricken 1944-03-11
疾風 Hayate Ishikawajima Shipyards, Japan 1922-11-11 1925-03-24 1925-11-21 Combat loss Battle of Wake Island [19.16N, 166.37E] 1941-12-11; stricken 1942-01-10
朝凪 Asanagi Fujinagata Shipyards, Japan 1923-03-05 1924-04-21 1925-12-29 Torpedoed W of Ogasawara [28.20N, 138.57E] 1944-05-22; stricken 1944-07-10
夕凪 Yūnagi Sasebo Naval Arsenal, Japan 1923-09-17 1924-04-23 1925-05-24 Torpedoed NW of Luzon [18.46N, 120.46E] 1944-08-25; struck 1944-10-10

The Kamikaze-class destroyers were a class of nine destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Some authors consider the Nokaze, Kamikaze and Mutsuki classes to be extensions of the Minekaze-class destroyers, and the Kamikaze class is sometimes referred to as the "Kiyokaze class" to distinguish it from the earlier World War I-era destroyer class of the same name. Obsolete by the beginning of the Pacific War, the Kamikazes were relegated to mostly secondary roles. Most ultimately were lost to U.S. submarines.


  • Kamikaze-class Destroyer