Hatsuharu-class Destroyer


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Ships in class:  6

 ShipShipyardLaid downLaunchedCompletedFate
初春 Hatsuharu Sasebo Naval Arsenal 14 May 1931 27 February 1932 30 September 1933 Sunk in action, 13 November 1944
子日 Nenohi Uraga Dock Company 15 December 1931 22 December 1932 30 September 1933 Sunk in action, 5 July 1942
若葉 Wakaba Sasebo Naval Arsenal 12 December 1931 18 March 1934 31 October 1934 Sunk in action, 24 October 1944
初霜 Hatsushimo Uraga Dock Company 31 January 1933 4 November 1933 27 September 1934 Mined and sunk, 30 July 1945
有明 Ariake Kawasaki Kobe Shipyard 14 January 1933 23 September 1934 25 March 1935 Sunk in action, 28 July 1943
夕暮 Yūgure Maizuru Naval Arsenal 9 April 1933 6 May 1934 30 March 1935 Sunk in action, 20 July 1943

The Hatsuharu-class destroyers were designed to accompany the Japanese main striking force and to conduct both day and night torpedo attacks against the United States Navy as it advanced across the Pacific Ocean, according to Japan's naval strategic projections. They were to be armed much as the Fubuki class despite displacing only 1400 tons compared to the 1700 tons of the earlier destroyers. Furthermore, their fire control systems were to be more modern than the older systems and suitable for anti-aircraft use. This required the gun turrets to be modified for high-angle fire, which also meant more powerful motors to traverse and elevate the guns more quickly to engage high-speed aircraft. The torpedo launchers were to be given a protective shield to allow for use in heavy weather and to protect against splinter damage.


  • Hatsuharu-class Destroyer