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I have an idea, and I want to see what you guys think. What if the defender (assuming there are islands in this battle) could buy coastal defenses like gun positions, heavy AA batteries, or minefields? Gun positions could work like immobilized ships that can only fire broadsides (except that they would not be able to use the same hit location table as the rest of the ships). Minefields, on the other hand, could work like the hidden deployment tokens ( I know that the Russians and Italians have minefield command station orders). For every minefield you buy (maximum of three) you place three tokens. Two of them are empty water, while one is a minefield. If an enemy ship sails within 10cm of the minefield you reveal if it is real, or if it is empty water. If it is empty water you remove it from the table. However, if it is a minefield, roll a die, and on 3+ the ship hits a mine. Hitting a mine would be the same as being hit by a damage three, power 12 torpedo. I will be testing some of these ideas at home, but I thought I would post them here to see what you guys think.

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