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Naval War HQ created the topic: Disrupting basic activations

3 weeks 5 days ago

Question for those willing to try out stuff.

I'd like some data on how it will influence the gameplay if disruption is possible on basic activations using the 1.5 beta ruleset. A basic activation automatically succeeds, so playing up to two disruption tokens would result in succeeding on a 3+.

This would result in a better spread and use of disruption tokens, while at the same time opening up more possibilities for command station activations. Use of disruption tokens for basic activations would logically be limited by the threat of command station activations, but I wonder if it would disrupt the gameplay too much.

A failed maneuver activation would result in the squadron moving in the remaining actions phase. A failed attack or air attack activation would have more severe consequences...

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andrewcooke71 replied the topic: Disrupting basic activations

3 days 2 hours ago

Just played two Tokyo Exprability to ess games and the American special rule of cancelling an order was pretty debilitating for the Japanese. My opponent and I were thinking that maybe the activation should be raised to 3+? Also we feel that the new rule on failing an advanced activation are again a little to harsh and that maybe only on a 1 should the negative consequence happen? I think allowing your opponent to disrupt normal activations a little too powerful.

Also the suggestions for the PT boats seem to make them playable against superior forces. That was only rapid fire guns can shoot them at half ROF, the ability to not have to move in the remaining actions phase if they haven't moved and if the force is comprised only of small craft they can adjust their initiative roll by 2.

Hope things are well on your end, noticed you have been a little absent recently.

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