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Topic-iconNew Guy

Eric Streicher created the topic: New Guy

2 years 7 months ago

New guy to these rules. From the Pittsburgh area. I have done a lot of General Quarters in all versions and some Seekrieg before. The rules seem pretty good. We did the River Platte battle last week and had two questions.

1. After a ship is forced to break off can it still be given direct activations?
2. Torpedo damage has the line about all rules of 1-5 being waterline compartment hits. Does that mean the "roll to Hit" or the "roll for armor" and does the 1 flooding token add in on top of the waterline compartment hits?

Admiral Eric

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: New Guy

2 years 7 months ago

Hello Eric and welcome to the community!!

To quickly answer your questions:
1. At page 19 of the rulebook: "A ship that has broken off can only make the following indirect activations: Rallying, Damage control and Compulsory movement in which it will keep on moving away from any enemies at max speed."
So no direct activations, only the listed indirect ones
2. The roll mentioned is on the D20 rolled together with the 'to hit' dice to determine the hit location. Normally the 1-5 roll on the D20 hits the superstructure, that is quite difficult for a torpedo to do, so you hit waterline compartments instead. The extra flooding token is in addition to any listed damage effects.

Have fun gaming and let me know if you have any further questions

Game designer

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