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Topic-iconColorado Newbie

USDragoon created the topic: Colorado Newbie

7 months 1 day ago

Greetings from the "American Himalayans" (aka, Colorado Rockies).

I've been a gamer most of my life and was introduced and drawn into historical gaming in general, whilst a young boot private not even legal to drink a beer. I've only played two distinctive WW2 style games ever. Bismark and Midway? The hunt for the Bismark was simply awesome to me for it's time and often wished I could have dedicated further resources into the tabletop aspects of a WW2 Naval gaming... along with tabletop Wooden ships & Iron Men and others. Now I can and did last week.

Having been away from any hobby the last few years, I was mistaken in thinking War at Sea was still viable. I bought an opened and unused starter set and some "cheap" additional miniatures to see if this game was worth it. My findings thus far is the general consensus- Beer and Pretzels.
I like beer and pretzels some days however, I prefer a certain level of complexity in a game... perhaps short of a simulation. After much Googling for rules variations I came across this set and am liking what I'm seeing thus far.
I look forward to giving the rules a try and provide my feedback.


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USDragoon replied the topic: Colorado Newbie

6 months 3 weeks ago

I read over the rules and am very impressed! The rules provide a gamer with the ability to use essentially any miniatures they have on hand- whether they have Axis & Allies miniatures, GHQ, or others.
Furthermore, the level of complexity is not overwhelming while still providing a good challenge and adding a sense of realism that makes the rules both very playable and enjoyable.
I would suggest anyone over the age of 13 would not have a hard time at all grasping the rules, especially if the are already introduced to more complex tabletop games like, Warhammer style games for example. The rules Naval War rules are nowhere near as complex, in my opinion.
Two other aspects I appreciated reading is the ability to have carrier support stationed off board and away from the direct dangers of surface guns versus aircraft carrier. The other aspect I liked is that submarines are rather difficult to detect. One actually has to "Hunt" for a submarine with a good chance of failure until potentially boxing them in where depth charges can finally be used.

The only negatives I can report on are thus far very minor and has to do with editing. There were a couple of instances I found where things didn't quite make sense, or were difficult to understand. I wish I would have highlighted them. (I'm certainly no "word smith" and stick figures drawn in crayon are more my level at times.)
I intend on playing some situations here soon and will provide further feed back when I can.
Great Job!

The following user(s) said Thank You: Naval War HQ

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: Colorado Newbie

6 months 3 weeks ago

Hello USDragoon, and welcome to the community!

Thank you for your kind little review, I hope you will enjoy the game. Feedback (even nitpicking on words) is very much appreciated. I am not a native speaker, and sometimes things will make perfect sense to you when you write it down but at the same time it might be complete gibberish to the one reading it. The ruleset is a living ruleset, so changes and improvements are constantly being made when needed. Feedback is the keyword here since I don't have the luxury of a massive playtest team. Some scenario's might therefore be a bit rough around the edges and I am always working on the next best version :)

Game designer

"That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been;" -Ecclesiastes-

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