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3 years 8 months ago

Bezmozgu wrote: I failed to explain my suggestions, my bad. The command station and advanced activation orders are a fun and unique aspect of the system. I think that more than four orders should be included on a demo command station to convey more of the flavor and better represent the various options available in the full system: maneuver, timing, reaction. I believe removing the unique national characteristics from the demo station simplifies it enough so that including 8 to 10 generic advanced activation orders does not overwhelm the new player, but at the same time gives the new player a good taste of what is possible as well as several more choices to affect play if they are willing to spend the order markers.

The four orders that are in now do represent those four options you mention: Maneuver (Flank Speed), timing (Stroke of Luck, Hands on Deck), Reaction (Evasive action). The idea as I interpreted from the OP is that we're talking beginners here, beginners in that the whole concept of an activation based turn sequence is something completely new. So reduction of orders is what eliminates the 'analysis paralysis' that might arise from the multitude of options on the command station.

If you have a more seasoned wargamer you could indeed suffice with just removing the fleet special rule or both take the same command station. I don't think you would need a completely new command station for that though...

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Bezmozgu replied the topic: Demo command station

3 years 8 months ago

I believe there is no correct single set of advanced order options that should be used in a demo game and agree with you that they should be tailored to the players receiving the demo. I will be running Naval War games at some of the US east coast conventions and the local game store which will involve mostly "experienced" historical miniature players. I'm pretty certain they will not be confused or put off by a greater number of generic advanced orders. I will provide you with the new generic demo command station I create as soon as I've completed it. Naval War is a fun and challenging system, thank you for creating it and making it available.

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