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Questions about submarines in rules 1.5

Hello, I'm collecting some doubts that arose in the matches we had at the club, and in particular about how the submarine works and how it interacts with
the other elements of the game.

Just for the sake of your knowledge, my group and I do not have naval experience or much depth in the history of the Second World War and
how the equipment operated at the time.
Secondly, English is not my native language, and despite scratching something, I preferred to write the text in my native language and use Google Translate, so I'm sorry if something is very confusing.


From what we read, the submarine could be in two positions in relation to the sea surface. Submerged and on the surface. OK

1) When on the surface, your position is known to everyone. Question, can ships use their surface weapons against submarines in this situation?

2) When submerged, it can be in an undetermined position or in a revealed position. This is correct ?

3) When a submarine has the position revealed, it is still submerged, correct? I'm asking this to understand if we can and when we can fire surface weapons at the submarine.

4) One thing I've seen in some places is that submarines of the time, to be able to fire torpedoes, needed to rise to periscope depth. leaving it more exposed both to attacks from surface weapons (if localized) and to submarine hunting planes. Does this exist in this set of rules?

5)When a submarine is submerged, and not located, and when it fires its torpedoes, what happens? Is it automatically located? Does he go to the surface to shoot? or something else ?

6) Submarines fire their torpedoes forward, if I perform a first activation to fire the torpedoes, and then I activate it again to move the submarine forward, the submarine will be within the torpedo template, will I suffer attack from them?

7) Can submarines attack other submarines?

8) When a submarine enters as a close support or long support, does it enter from the edge of the table, moving like another ship, or is it placed on the table as per its deployment rule?

9) Let's say we have a submarine on the table, submerged and not located. Its depth marker is at 3, and with submerged movement it can be up to 15 cm around its marker.

I can't activate a squadron of 3 destroyers, moving in parallel, to carry out AWS attacks in the region? Since the attacks are 10 cm in range, thus covering the entire area where the submarine could be? From what I understand the depth charges had a blast area around it, which could damage or even destroy the submarine in the area.

10) On page 24, in the last paragraph we have the following text...
First strike
-"...A sub does not have to surface to launch a first strike."

For the second attack onwards, would the submarine have to come to the surface to fire torpedoes? I didn't find this elsewhere in the rules and it left me very intrigued.

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: Lots of questions about submarines!

9 months 4 weeks ago

Thank you for your questions. To be honest, the submarine rules are still somewhat underdeveloped because I choose to flesh out other parts of the ruleset first. Your questions will help to bring this part of the game more in focus. I will do my best to answer them, and clarify the rules if needed in the next update.

1. Yes, if surfaced, surface weapons can be used by and against submarines.
2. Yes, as long as there is a marker die next to the submarine, its position is still undetermined.
3. Nice one, this is not clear by the rules as written. The sub is still submerged, but its exact location is now known.
4. No, this amount of detail is not in the rules. It is either submerged or surfaced.
5. The submarine is automatically located, but may still remain submerged. This is as close as the game comes to ‘periscope depth’
6. Interesting, but I would say no, since the torpedo will always move faster than the ship. This might be an interesting caveat for ships in general.
7. A submarine does not have an ASW value, so it cannot attack other submerged submarines. It can attack surfaced submarines like any other ship however.
8. Not covered in the rules. I would say that you place the marker on the table as per its deployment rule, but I don’t know exactly how that will turn out in a game. Feedback on this is appreciated.
9. The subs radius is within the ASW range of the ships, so you will have to use them to search out the submarine first. Only when its location is known can you attack it.
10. Hah, good catch, but no. See answer 5.

I do not have a lot of players using the submarine rules. So any feedback, tips and other idea’s from your group are extremely valuable to the development of this part of the rules. Thank you for your questions!

Game designer

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