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habaya created the topic: Attack vs defense priority in battle fleet clashes

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Let's say two equal battle fleets, both containing heavy cruisers (CA) and destroyers (DD) clash. Ideally, as being screen vessels, the DDs are closest to the enemy fleet, the CAs are a bit farther out. I assume when the battle starts the DDs on both sides should normally start steaming towards the enemy at full speed to close the range for their torpedos.

I know tactics depend on specific situations and such, but what do you think is best in general:
1. Should DDs ignore the enemy DDs and continue steaming towards the enemy CAs (attack priority) or should they engage the enemy screen DDs that they pass by (defense priority)?
2. Should the CAs try to close the range to enemy CAs to target them (attack priority) or rather try to run away to keep enemy DDs out of torpedo range but still in their gun range so they can finish of enemy DDs first (defense priority)?

What do your ships do in similar situations?
Does anyone know what doctrines were used in similar situations in real life?

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