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I was playing the Japanese with the historical ships on each side. The US forces were split into 4 squadrons. The 8" and 6" cruisers in one, the 2 AA cruisers, and 2 DD squadrons. The Japanese had 2 squadrons for the BCs each with a DD, one squadron with the CL and 2 DDs, then one of 3 DDs and another of 4 DDs. The lead US DDs were spotted and then outranged by the Jap DDs, this ended up in 2 of the 4 sinking. The other US DDs faired a little better being engaged by the Japanese 4 DD squadron. The US cruisers never really made much of an impact. The Japanese long lance did though. 3 Fubuki class launched their full spread at the US cruisers sinking the Portland and San Francisco outright, and forcing the Helena to break off with serious damage. The Japanese BCs really did not get engaged. I did use my modified TT rules for the US, but of course you actually have to score any hits.... The end result was that the US lost both 8" cruisers, the Helena with serious damage leaving the area, and 4 DDs sunk. The Japanese had one severely damage DD....
Next week my opponent gets his revenge when we play the same scenario, except instead of Hiei and Kirishima, he gets to use Yamato and Musashi.... So I am not anticipating a much better outcome, though i will use the normal torpedo rules.

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