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4 months 3 days ago

So last week i was the Japanese. In this version of events the supply convoy with Nisshin and Chiyoda were still in the area after running in their supplies. It was a pretty bloody affair, the Japanese coming out ahead. Today in the replay, me playing the US navy was a very one sided affair. In both scenarios the forces were set up historically. This time though I was able to light up the Aoba, regrouped the US cruisers into one squadron and was able to use the special ability of Adm Scott and sent 45 dice in two turns her way. This caused enough damage to force her to break off, crippled, and on fire. It didn't help that my opponent rolled a 1 for the fire causing her to sink. The fire wasn't all one way as Aoba and the 2 destroyers launched some of their torpedoes and sank one of the US destroyers and gun fire crippled one of the others. The remaining IJN cruisers were then lit up by the rear US destroyers and again faced the wrath of the 2 6" cruisers, after 2 turns of this and a modified US torpedo hit the Kinugasa, which was unable to control flooding and keeled over, and the Furutaka was all but sunk, the IJN player called it. The US losses were Boise and Laffey sunk, 2 other DDs crippled. Japanese losses, Aoba, Kinugasa sunk, Furutaka was left a floating wreck, the 2 destroyers with with the cruisers were damaged, likely to fall prey to the CAF. The IJN resupply convoy was able to leave without incident.

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4 months 1 day ago

Interesting! Thanks for posting.

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