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The first battle was German vs Britain. German fleet consisted of 2 scharnhorst BC , 1- Hipper, 2- Koln CL and 3- MOB destroyers. The Brits had 2- Queen Elizabeth BB, The Repulse ,2- County class cruisers, The York Heavy cruiser, and 3 g class Destroyers.

The Germans kept their BC at range most of the game picking on British Cruisers and Destroyers that were Closing on them. They Sunk 2 destroyers and drove the third off. In the mean time the German destroyers made it thru the screen of cruiser and duped torpedoes on the British battleships heavily damaging all 3. The British cruiser sank the German light cruiser before having to break off form fire of the German heavy cruisers and battle cruisers. The British regrouped and scored serious damage on the scharnhorst forcing a break off, he Gneisenau got its revenge sinking the Repulse. The Hipper got off its torps sinking the Queen Elizabeth. The British fled the board. Great battle..

The second battle found the Japanese with 2 Haruna battle cruisers, 2 Nachi Cruisers, and 4 Yugumo destroyers .. The US had The BB Washington 2 Brooklyn light cruisers, Cleveland light cruiser , the Indianapolis heavy cruiser, and 3 Fletcher destroyers.

the first phase of the battle the destroyers of both sides Eliminated each other with torpedoes. Only 1 Japanese destroyer remained. The Japanese BC and cruiser sank most of the american cruisers losing only 1 cruiser to a break off. the Americans were not done the wahington in 2 fires destoyed The Hiei BC killing the flagship and the commander. the Washington was burning and almost sunk. Burt wait!! The american commander HIts back to back keep her afloat rolls and remove 5 hull hits. The Washington now directs fire at the kirishima and scores all 6 hits -- 30 damage she Battle cruiser blows up and sinks. The Japanese are stunned and flee the battle. Wow you are never out of this game. Huge amount of fun

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5 years 3 months ago

Thank you for posting that, it really sounds like two battles that have been a ton of fun :)

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